Features and Services

HyeDroid can be accessed online via a secure login. the system comes with standard features such as a mobile site builder content management system, forms and surveys builder, image, document and videos library, image galleries, QR Code and NFC tag information generator, campaign analytics.

The system can also be extended with features such as ecommerce ( scan / tap to buy ), vouchers, private pages accessed via login forms, coupons, personalised content and augmented Reality ( coming soon ) ! We also offer services such as high quality QR Code printing, engraving and merchandising products.


We work closely with advertising and printing businesses who can put the system generated QR Codes on signs, hq car stickers, large boards, tshirts, weatherproof adhesives and any other products that you may need.
We can custom build additional features into the system. Pricing mainly depends on the features that you are after.
If you have any specific requirements please let us know and we will be happy to discuss the available options and provide you with relevant ideas and services. You can contact us and send us your initial enquiry .

Secure Login

Access the system anywhere online anytime via a secure login

Media / template and Data Libraries

Manage and maintain all your media library files and keep them ready to use in your campaigns

Campaign Site Builder

Build your site within minutes, depending on your subscription you can maintain multiple sites at a time.

High Quality QR Codes

Genarate as many QR codes as needed for your campaign in HQ format for quality printing.

Various Types of QR / NFC Tags

We provide various types of QR Codes and NFC tags that can be used indoors and outdoors.

Quality Engravig

We offer quality engraving of QR Codes on metal and wooden surfaces. This is ideal for conferences and functions.