How It Works

Smartphones are becoming the most common way of communication and online interaction for consumers. Companies are now moving into mobile marketing by engaging consumers with useful and intelligent online marketing and advertising campaigns.

An advertising campaign is a message that is communicated via promotional activities that appear in different media across a specific time frame designed to advertise a company, service or a product. An advertising campaign will set specific goals that must be realized, measured and optimised in a given period of time.



The concept is simple. You create a mobile optimised site or a landing page. You have your QR code advertised in a magazine or a smart poster with a useful " call to action " benefit to the consumer. The consumer scans the QR code and gets taken to your mobile landing page where they can get the information that they need or a discount voucher...etc.

HyeDroid allows you to plan, create and publish your mobile campaign very quickly in a few simple clicks !
This is a new concept where you can build a totally separate and customised mobile site for each of your mobile advertising campaigns easily and quickly.

Once a campaign ends, you can start your next campaign with a totally separate theme and a brand new multi page site. During the campaign, you can measure and track the campaign performance. This will allow you to evaluate and re-distribute your campaign elements to increase your campaign performance.

Step 1. Set up your campaign

You can create, manage and track QR code based advertising campaigns. These campaigns can be active within a specific time period (start date and end date).

Step 2. Choose a site layout

Choose your preferred template for the campaign site from a choice of 15 different templates to choose from. Custom templates can be added.

Step 3. Upload your media library

You can create and manage all your mobile landing page image libraries, page headers and page logos, videos, documents and web forms.
You can build surveys on the fly and link the surveys to your mobile landing pages.

Step 4. Build your campaign site

Once a campaign and libraries are set, you can build and manage all your mobile landing pages, group pages and build a mini mobile site for your campaign in minutes.

Step 5. Create page QR Codes / NFC tags

You can reate multiple trackable qr codes for each campaign based on ad media type and location. The media type is the product that displays the QR code / NFC tag (such as a laminated sign) and the location would be the area where the product is displayed (such as #No Elizabeth Street Sydney )

Step 6. Track campaign performance

You can view live reports of the QR code scans by daily, weekly and monthly date range, location, campaign and media type. The system can also send you an email notification every time a QR code is scanned or an NFC tag is tapped.